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My 3 business ideas.

I am finding myself having a difficult time coming up with three business ideas to run with in this entrepreneurship class. Even though I grew up helping at my family’s small business from a very young age, it has never struck me as something I wanted to do when I became older. However, growing up it has dawned on me for my parents it was not a choice they made from desire but rather a choice made from necessity. I have realized there is a lot of things my parents and I have been forced to do to make ends meet and did not have the luxury to pick what we want to do in life, but rather doing what we can to maintain the things we have to live. Coming from this background it makes it quite difficult for me to think of ideas I would want to want to pursue, since I have always just done what was asked of me instead of cultivating my own passions in life. Honestly, I am not quite sure what it is I want out of life beyond being able to provide for my family and having an opportunity to smile …

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