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South Sound Technology Conference

There were a lot of many different kind of panels at the SST Conference, however, the most exciting has to have been about the Pacific Rim Cyber Collegiate Defense Competition. This was a very interesting opportunity as it offered a new form of college sports. It was talked about during the panel, of how awesome it would be to take it to the national level, and having division teams at universities across the country just like how football and basketball are college sports. It is a bit bittersweet seeing these kind of changes at the end of my college career, but it still remains exciting to someday soon people will be able to go to universities on sports scholarships for Cyber Collegiate Defense Competition. From the entire event it was very much a blessing being able to speak with the panelist afterwards and learning more about them. I was able to speak with Clarissa San Diego who is the founder and CEO of Makerologist. It surprised me that Clarissa did not finish college, and is a …

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